These are sorted roughly in order of appearance. Click their name to see their appearances. All dates are New Bokan Calendar (NB); the current year is NB 824.

Main characters

Born NB 801; current High King of Gundring (tenth), Frejking of the Northern Fjords (thirty-first), and Lord of the House of Afjar (forty-third). Elder son of Joric the Great (NB 771-822, reigned 790-822) and Jaina Skoll (NB 774-821). Educated at Afjar Frejskool NB 805-817; thereafter enrolled in Jorrin Marines (brevet promotion to lojtnant NB 818). Marriage contract to Maija of Bojen Reach cancelled NB 821 (mutual agreement between families). Confirmed to throne by the Korrthing NB 823. Political support within Gundring is based in the Frejwurld anti-isolationists, as was his father’s before him. Known for cosmopolitan political and cultural attitudes while still being a staunch proponent of Gundring cultural and civilizational mores. [Masqueraded as “Halfdar” for the first three books.]

Born NB 796 in Bokan province of Utari to unknown father and Shalina of Ra-Utari. Flees Ra-Utari with his mother NB 799 at height of the Utari Purge, arrives in Al’Rashad NB 801. Mother dies of consumption NB 801, but not before coming to agreement with local tinsmith Gobu to provide apprenticeship. Gobu sells Kahal’s apprenticeship contract to the Al’Rashad Caliphate Guard NB 806. Assumes duty as guardsman NB 812. Awarded Acama Medal NB 813 for role in elimination of the Sebari Assassination Plot. Promoted to corporal NB 813; promoted to lieutenant 814; promoted to Captainship of the Guard 818 following retirement of “Butcher” Babalik. Condemned to slavery by Caliph Jandal NB 822 for failure to satisfactorily perform duties of the Captainship.

Born NB 812 in slums of Al’Rashad. Street urchin of no consequence.

Born NB 792 in Al’Kymal to Poyar merchant’s wife (illegitimate). Sold by father to Kymali slaver company Seventh Star, NB 793. Purchased NB 796 by Lady Apali of the Uzzir following dissolution of Seventh Star by Caliph Jandal; slavery papers destroyed by Apali shortly thereafter. Apprenticed into Al’Rashad Caliphate Guard, NB 802. Assumes duties as guardsman NB 808. Promoted to corporal NB 810; promoted to sergeant-major of Caliphate Guard 818; promoted to Captainship of the Guard 822 following condemnation of Kahal of Utari. Awarded seven Ribbons of Distinction NB 810-present.

Born Rayana Ka’Rashad NB 799 to Caliph Jandal and Shaina of Al’Sebari (NB 764-799). Heir to the Rashadi Caliphate. Betrothed to Ozey Ka’Xoro NB 813; betrothal annulled NB 814 following revelation of Xoro responsibility for the Sebari Assassination Plot. Attended Mizir University NB 817-820 (recognized at ninth degree of capacity in history, sixth in mathematics and fourth in astronomy). Named Soul of the Caliphate NB 821. On royal command, brokers peace treaty between Xoro and Shahar families NB 822 and successfully negotiates new trade agreements with western Dons of the Pizarri 823. (Currently rumoured to be considering assuming throne as only third Califa in Rashadi history following her father’s eventual retirement and/or death, but this is considered unlikely.)

Born Apali Ka’Uzzir NB 767; current High Lady of the Uzzir (ninety-fifth) and Protector of Al’Sebari (eightieth). Negotiates Sebari Reconciliation 782-91. Takes up full-time residence in the Rashadi court as advisor to Caliph Jandal NB 794. Negotiates normalization of Gundring/Rashadi diplomatic relations NB 799-803. Tutor to Rayana (private commission) NB 803-816. Widely considered to be de facto leader of the Recognizant faction in Rashadi politics (despite Jandal’s well-known sympathies for same).

The Caliph
The Caliph.
Born Jandal Ka’Rashad NB 759 to Abaro Ka’Rashad (NB 721-770) and Laiila Ka’Sebari (NB 723-783). Current Caliph of the Rashadi (ninety-first), High Lord of the Rashadi (ninety-first) and Protector of Al’Rashad (ninety-first). Assumes throne NB 770 during War of The Seven Sails following his father’s death at the Battle of Mokorro Gulf. Negotiates peace with Gundring NB 774-776. Puts down Sebari Rebellion NB 779. Marries Shaina of Al’Sebari 788. Only child, Rayana, born 799. Adopts the Ki’Marr nobilis in exilia into the Caliphate as new High Family NB 813.

Secondary characters

Date of birth unknown but estimated to be between NB 780 and 783. Assumed command of pirate ship Dajarro NB 799 (est.) by killing its then captain, Kahash The Illuminated, in a duel. Received bounty for Kahash’ head NB 799. From NB 799-820 considered to be responsible for pillaging of over seven hundred ships, including merchant vessels, pleasure cruisers and on three occasions minor naval commands. First bounty placed NB 800 by Gundring (five hundred Gundring silver krowns). By NB 816, has dead-or-alive bounty on head with every single nation (highest: Northern Eiss, at 30,000 diamunden). Approx. NB 821 establishes personal fleet estimated at five raider-class vessels or larger. Widely considered to be the most successful pirate lord of all time.

Born Dalakhra Ka’Kymal NB 791; current High Lord of Ka’Kymal (sixty-third) and Protector of Al’Makkoro (twentieth). Assumed rule of his house upon passing of his father, Poyut Ka’Kymal, from snakebite (NB 769-810). Expands Kymal holdings in slaving companies NB 810-onwards; by 822 the Kymal have at least a plurality ownership share in nine of the twelve largest slaving companies in the Caliphate and are the second-richest major house in the Caliphate. Royal emissary to Ra-Boka NB 812-814. Royal emissary to Northern Eiss NB 814-815. Royal emissary to Wae NB 816. Despite numerous attempts, ambassadorial mission to the Empire of the Walls in NB 819 ultimately cancelled due to non-communication.

Gryg foundling; date of birth unknown but suspected to be around NB 782. Trained as pit-fighter; wins first seasonal championship NB 801, then blood-championships from 802-808. Contract purchased by Kymal in NB 809; commences employment as bodyguard to family heir Dalakhra Ka’Kymal.

Born NB 796 to daughter of the Horheim merchant family (illegitimate). Attends Djarhelm Frejskool NB 801-808. Works for Horheim merchant marine NB 809-811. Takes civil examinations NB 812, excels. Takes employment with Gundring Foreign Service NB 812; serves at numerous posts with exceptional distinction, including Free Isle of Takota, Ra-Lococo and Eissenfaust. Following recommendation by Lord Gelfheim, named Royal Ambassador to Free Isles in Takota NB 819. Named Royal Ambassador to Al’Mokorro 821. Named Royal Ambassador to Al’Rashad 822.

Meanwhile, back in Gundring

Born NB 807 to Joric the Great and Jaina Skoll, younger brother to Alric. Current heir presumptive to Free Kingship of Gundring, Frejkingship of the Northern Fjords and High Lordship of the Afjar. Educated at Afjar Frejskool NB 813-823. Summers in Olljsen NB 818-822; betrothal to Alja Olljsen announced 823. Although unconfirmed, widely rumoured to be the architect of the Bokan Navy’s defeat in the Skirmish at Slatten (NB 821), although King Joric was of course officially responsible.

Born NB 807 to Kevan, Lord Olljsen and Marya of Horheim. Educated at Afjar Frejskool NB 813-823. Assistance noted as invaluable by Professor Korrnack in foreword to his work A Modern History Of The Silent Empire’s Progressions Beyond The Walls, NB 527-820 (published NB 822). Betrothal to Wulf of the Afjar announcd NB 823.

Lord Olljsen
Lord Olljsen.
Born NB 777; current Duke of Olljsensonfir (twenty-second) and High Lord of Olljsen (seventh). Assumed Lordship NB 802. Under his rule, and particularly his “open city” policy (which encouraged settlement of Waelsh refugees), Olljsensonfir has become the fastest-growing city in Gundring and its third largest.

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