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Jayunderscorezero said on October 16th, 2008 at 7:54 pm

Curses! They cut the “McCain shuffle” from the British broadcast of this.


goblin: It’s because of a recent disagreement in which America taxed imported softwood lumber from Canada by about 27%. Which is not free trade.

In the end, because America refused to pay up except with some sort of deal, Canadians only got back 80% of the duty charged by the American border, and Canada is permanently limited to 34% of the US softwood lumber market.

Canada lost over a billion dollars to US tariffs which NAFTA ruled to be disallowed. Clearly free trade at it’s best.


… And that is why Americans are not allowed to whine about NAFTA, because they don’t abide by it if they can, anyway.


The best way to improve the public school systems (where they need improving — some jurisdictions have very good public systems, but nobody spends any time bitching about them on the internet) is to spend the money and take the time to improve them.

The best way to make a bad school system even worse is to undermine it by draining out the motivated/lucky students and slashing their budgets.

This is not rocket science.

Public officials should be forced to send their kids to public schools for the same reason that they should be forced to have the level of healthcare of the least insured of their constituents.


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