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The movie was nice, it had a lot of cool moments and bits. Not perfect by far, no. Mos Def’s interpretation is a little too low-key for me, Rockwell has some lazy acting moments (not unusual, but go see Moon), Zooey Deschanel is cute but not very experienced with acting (at least not in this role, although her detached nonchalance does serve the character to certain extent in that it can fit the kind of person Trillian would have to be to behave as she does in those circumstances), and there were a few scenes where things felt decidedly low-key instead of the crazy weird it should have been (mostly the later Vogon stuff). But the good outweighed the bad, the love story angle was a nice way to focus the script, the visuals were great, the Guide bits were perfect, and overall gave a nice feeling walking out of the theatre. And they nailed the whale scene, thank god.

The direction definitely took more of a laid-back approach, sort of a my-god-everything-is-so-silly-all-we-can-to-is-chill type sentiment, instead of maybe the more crazy wacky silly alternative, but it worked for it well enough. And “we’ve met” was delivered with the right amount super-passive aggressiveness and British politeness that were the hallmarks of Arthur Dent’s character at the beginning of the story I think.


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