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I saw the uncensored version first http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hDTT1yRNsFE, which works a bit better


That’s the best review I’ve read in an awfully long time.


I can just imagine the meeting at which this… thing… was conceived:

BIGWIG: Okay! We’ve got Samuel L. “Bleeping” Jackson onboard, and we’re doing an ad for the Democrats!


SECOND JUNIOR EXECUTIVE: I am so left wing it hurts!

THIRD JUNIOR EXECUTIVE: … did you actually just say “Bleeping” instead of just, y’know, swearing?

BIGWIG: You’re bleeping right I did. We’re talking prime-time-paid-for-by-prudes. We need the prime time mindset. So what’s our pitch?

FIRST: SLJ needs to say “Fuck.” I mean “Bleep.”

SECOND: A lot. But in a way that’s only insulting to people who don’t like SLJ movies.

FIRST: Which is no-one.

SECOND: Bleeping right.

THIRD: Well, the Republican campaign so far has been trading on half-truths and misinformation, and Mr. Jackson’s got a pretty charismatic face and voice. We could try for a head-shot narration mixed with some nice light infographics…

FIRST: Pulp Fiction.

BIGWIG: I like the way you’re thinking. Tell me more.

FIRST: The bit where he’s just screaming insults at the guy, and then straight up kills him? Something like that.

SECOND: But maybe without the killing.

THIRD: … actually, I don’t think that’s…

BIGWIG: Pulp Fiction’s at least ten years old. Let’s get something more relevant in there, for the younger voters.

THIRD: … twenty.

FIRST: Can we get in a Snakes On A Plane reference? Republicans – elephants – trunks – snakes…

SECOND: Oh. Oh! Hey!

BIGWIG: Hit me.

THIRD: Please.

SECOND: SLJ! He did that book, right? The kids book with the swearing? Fucking Go To Sleep?

FIRST: Yeah!

THIRD: Okay, first, it’s “Go The Fuck To Sleep,” and second…

SECOND: That’s it! “Go the Fuck” – I mean “Bleep to sleep.” What if we take that, and … invert it.

FIRST: Yeah! Bleep yeah!

BIGWIG: Explain.

SECOND: SLJ is yelling at people, but instead of yelling “Go the Bleep To Sleep,” he’s yelling “Wake The Bleep Up!”

BIGWIG: I like it!

THIRD: What political message are we trying to get across here?

BIGWIG: What are you, a communist? We’ve got Samuel L. Jackson yelling swearwords. What more do you need?


You gotta admit having SLJ interrupt a horny elderly couple was a bit funny.


@thordae, yeah, you had me at “Samuel L. Jackson swearing at clueless white people.”


I was inclined to agree… and then I saw all my friends left-of-center (which is to say, all my friends) absolutely eating it up on Twitter and Facebook. Then I got it.

The point isn’t to sway voters or really even make a pro-Obama argument. It doesn’t need to. It assumes you voted for Obama in ’08 and will do so again this year, just like every character in it (that’s old enough to vote). This is just a “fire up the base” ad. Is it a good one? Eh. But I don’t think it fails in its goals because it doesn’t get more specific on policy.


I must agree with Chris Lowrance. This is an ad that has abandoned all pretense of appealing to the other side. The message is “get out the vote before the republicans do”.

Just the same, it could have used some polish. The way it drifted in and out of rhyme scheme drove me nuts.


Tice, I feel that this entire election has abandoned the pretense of bipartisanship.

I’ve been saying to all my friends that this election will come down to whichever candidate can get more members of their respective parties to vote for them, just because they are the candidate of that respective party.


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