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Eh, Why not?

Princess Celestia is just setting up Doctor Doom about this “collect all the ponies and get to take over everything” nonsense.


The Meta-Bomb was Flashpoint (spoilers for Batman, Inc. & Flashpoint follow)

In Batman, Inc., Batman was preparing for the ultimate threat, weaponizing the world and the Bat-family.

Flashpoint ended with the DC Universe* rewritten from the ground up. It was a fictional event in a fictional universe, with a meta-fictional outcome.

If the fall of the New Gods could be seen in several different ways (as per Morrison regarding Countdown, Final Crisis and Death of the New Gods), why not the restructuring of the universe?
Flash is faster than the reconstructing universe: he’s watching the pieces reassemble.

Batman isn’t inhumanly fast, and he’s also at the center of the meta-bomb (on the island with El Gaucho, Batwoman and crew). It’s poised, along with the whole Leviathan corporation, to strike against him.
This is why there’s no Bruce-Batman on Flashpoint-Earth, as he’d have noticed the change and fought back.

That’s also why in the very last moment of Flashpoint, Bruce is distracted. Barry Allen hands him a letter from his father. In that final moment, as the new universe becomes whole around them, Batman could have noticed the changes, could have saved the world.
In that very last moment, Bataman’s is struck at his core – the loss of his parents – and is unable to act.

* I’m wondering if it’s the universe as a whole or just DC-Earth. I know the Green Lantern franchise has carried over, and have heard that some Legion stuff did as well.


When Empire Strikes Back was written the intent was for Luke to turn Dark at the end of Jedi. Luke fails at every point in Empire and never earns a turnaround.

And why set up Leia as a potential Jedi if there weren’t plans to fire that bullet? I’m guessing the plan was for Luke to join Vader and kill the Emperor at the end of 6 and then there would have been an Episode 7 where Leia has to redeem a fallen Luke.


Riker came up with and asked Picard to call him “Number One.”


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