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A little part of me loves that in the course of a week I can read on this blog:

An analysis of comics
An analysis of Canadian Law
An analysis of North American politics

And… an analysis of reality tv dancing!


I love someone being as anal retentive watching this show as me! I actually kept a notepad handy and put everyone in order so I could recall tomorrow who I thought was worst. My bottom three are (8) Twitchington, (9) Marquis and whoever, and (10) Jessica and Will, well. During their tango I didn’t pause the DVR when I headed out to the bathroom and then down the hall to see if one of my roommates had gotten home yet. That’s bad.

thelibrarygirl said on June 16th, 2008 at 12:37 pm

I tend to agree with everything you said except for the comment about Kourtni’s skills. I think she has both personality and incredible technique for such a young dancer. My concern for the two of them was commented on before the performed: their height and overall size. Matt seemed to struggle supporting her during the lifts. I hope they stay on the show for a while and develop a strong working relationship with one another… It would be nice to see a battle for the top spot this year.


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