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I agree with you about S&O’s choreography. Apparently am not a fan of “groove” hip-hop. I’m also finding Many Moore’s work to be pretty terrible, too. I thought the shirt prop was really lame.

I really like both of Mia’s pieces, but I tend to be a Mia fan. Her work tends to be really emotionally-driven, and it would be interesting to swim in her head for a few minutes. If you tend to teeter-totter on Mia’s work, I would be curious how you react to the choreography of Jennifer Wood from Suchu Dance in Houston, TX. I think her modern style is truly unique, entertaining, and interesting.

At least Comfort and Thayne had some chemistry. I think it would be more interesting to switch up dance partners. We aren’t really given an opportunity to see the dancers’ true versatility. Partnering, just as much as different dance styles, can say a lot about a person’s ability.

I actually thought Kourtni was dancing more like Matt’s because she seemed just as up-right as he normally is during performance. It was like watching to sticks during the hip-hop routine.

I found it odd that Nigel mentioned the “meltdowns” that Will and Jessica were supposedly having during rehearsal time. It was the one comment of the evening that really stuck out as odd to me. I wasn’t sure what the motivation was behind that.
Nigel’s burn on Di Silva was actually kind-of humorous.


The problem with having Napoleon and Tabitha as judges is that apparently the only other hip-hop choreographers available to SYTYCD right now are Cicely and Alyssa. This is problematic, because Cicely and Olisa’s specialty is a subsection of hip-hop popularly known as “shitty.”

Dude, WHERE IS SHANE SPARKS??? I want Shane Sparks!!!

And, yeah, I’m ready for the partner switching so we can see how Will does when the judges can’t blame his performance on his partner.


The Judges are usually pretty annoying – but I was pretty happy to hear Nigel finally calling out the Boo Birds last night (along with the wonderfully snippy “I respect your opinion, I just wish it was about three decibels quieter” comment to Mary). I guess the audience of teenage girls, apparently thoroughly indoctrinated into the “If you can’t say something nice, don’t say anything at all” school of thought have absolutely no grasp of the concept of a critique, and just can’t help but boo when any of the judges says anything that doesn’t involve screaming “WOOOO!” a whole bunch and making labored “hot tamale train” metaphors.

Cicely & Olisa’s routines were both terrible, and the pair verged on being Boo Birds themselves – the reaction shots when the judges were tearing apart the dancers after their routines (being careful as always not to tread on the toes of the choreographers) always featured the pair sneering and scowling and acting like the judges had just kicked their puppy and stolen their ice cream cones.

I gravitate naturally to the daring and the unconventional, but I thought the Mia Michaels bed routine was just weird and kinda dumb – it seemed to be an as-literal-as-possible interpretation of the song’s lyrics, with Kherrington and Twitch taking it in turns to bounce off the bed whilst the other threw rose petals in the air.

And finally, I’d just like to mention that something must be done about Cat Deeley’s wardrobe. She looked like a nominee at a clown awards show.

thelibrarygirl said on July 3rd, 2008 at 6:04 pm

To Doola
Re: Cat’s outfit.

I’m not bragging, but my mom went to clown college. Clowns dress better than that.
She reminded me of the guy (I think Taco) who covered Puttin’ on the Ritz.



Shane Sparks is currently a weekly judge on America’s Best Dance Crew, which pays him a lot more money and takes up more of his time. He choreo’d one of the group routines this year, but his time commitments are mostly keeping him off the show at this point, or so I’m told.

That having been said, going to Assily and Oleasta is confounding when this show should be able to call upon Dan Karaty or Dave Scott (who designed a number of fantastic hip-hop routines last season, including the brilliant “mannequin” routine performed by Lacey and Pasha) pretty much at will.


Doola: I was pretty happy to hear Nigel finally calling out the Boo Birds last night

Given that the show actively encourages the fans in the audience to boo the judges whenever they say anything even remotely negative, I wasn’t. Nigel’s trying to make himself look like a truthteller in the face of unreasonable teenage girls or something, and it’s annoying.


My brother out in LA’s friend went to the performance tapings this week and before the show even starts they record the audience cheering and booing wildly so they add in more noise to suit their needs.

I’m not sure if I’m glad or not that C & O haven’t done any judging yet. I did love that one time the more-obviously unprofessional one scared the crap out of Mary Murphy by standing up and yelling “BLOP! BLOP! BLOP!” after she liked a dance.


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