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Shittily, yes, I think you’re right about Mark–and Comfort, probably. Though in the latter case, at least she got the best routine she’s ever had so far, and killed it.


Gotta disagree with you on a few points. Chelsea is the best female dancer. I hold this as an objective fact. Katee is very good, but uncharismatic and is just bad at conveying emotion during the dances. Courtney doesn’t get enough respect – her dances always exude a passion that evades the other dancers, which makes her very watchable.

I think Gev’s solo was weak. It was all tricks, very little dance. Which wouldn’t be horrible, except that he flubbed two tricks in a row right at the beginning. It’s one thing if you blow a trick that a choreographer gives you. It’s quite another if you blow your own tricks in a routine that you create yourself.

Finally, the two-step was the worst performance of the night, by far. I do a lot of partner dancing (I taught swing for a year, my wife taught for six years at the Derby in L.A.). They had zero connection, no grace, no timing. When I can comfortably say that I could do a better job on a dance than the dancers, then it’s BAD.

I’m guessing Kherrington and Gev are gone. Mark has a charisma that I think has captured him a loyal following. Gev doesn’t. Kherrington I’m less sure of – I just think she was very weak, and Comfort was better than usual. And anybody who likes Comfort will be doubly sure to vote this time around.

(I wish I’d caught on to this show in the previous seasons. I’m going to have see if they’re available on dvd.)

thelibrarygirl said on July 17th, 2008 at 6:22 pm

Gev continues to impress me, and I wish the judges would acknowledge the fact that he is incredibly talented and musical, although he lacks the professional training most of the other dancers have over him. He’s also a gifted learner, with his ability to retain movement in his muscle memory and quickly adjust to nuances of technique.

Will has been taken under wing by Debbie Allen, so he should be good. The praise is unnecessary, and I think some might argue he shouldn’t even be on the show because he has been afforded many opportunities to guarantee him a successful dancing career. (And by successful dancer, I mean he can afford meals… not Hollywood celebrity) However, that is not an argument I am willing to have because no matter who has trained him I enjoy watching him.

“Katee is very good, but uncharismatic and is just bad at conveying emotion during the dances.”

Perhaps this is the dance nerd in me, but I think Katee is one of the few dancers I have seen that doesn’t have to work hard at conveying emotion through “entertaining” facial expressions or playing a character. I have always found her dancing to be very emotive. She is one of the few dancers that can successfully convey an array of feelings through physicality. There’s no need for a painted smile, which Kherington and others have been accused of doing.

jonathon said on July 21st, 2008 at 12:11 am

all, mark and kherington got the worst routines in both rounds. Country Two step? C’mon, even if it was a perfect, they would have got slammed by the viewers. Then with the jazz, tyce just went ok, i’ll just let you guys dance….. no choro at all. I think the judges are pretty much set on who is going to win the whole thing – WILL. I think mark, joshua and twitch all have a uniqueness about them that will lacks. Will reminds me of the guy who auditioned from new york, who was a graduate of the juliard, perfect technician, but lacked emotion. Oh well, i reckon mark is going to get some dodgy dance again next week, maybe lindy hop or the barn dance!


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