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Again, what amazes ME is how even as they’re rummaging around in that particular same-gender routine hat, they consistently manage to come up with incredibly more interesting stuff for the guys than they do for the girls. And this after I quite rightly called the go-go routine, lame as it was, as still beter than anything the US ever gave two chicks to do together (aside from Wade Robson’s “foxes” routine). Is the idea of giving two women something aggressive, emotional or even genuinely rather than parodically sexual to do just considered a no-no on national TV? Are there censorship rules about this I was hitherto unaware of…ie, “sorry, guys, but it’s Pussycat Dolls/Girlicious-style nonsense, or nothing”? Can they simply not afford to rent a suitably pissed-off-sounding Pink song to choreograph to, or what?


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