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Whatevs, those three guys looked amazing in that dance! Particularly the one who was in the middle for most of the time.


Seriously, Tango? Now? In a season that feels like it’s been painfully short of ballroom? I give Phillipe and Jessie total props for pulling that off at all. Their contemporary was my favorite of the night, however, along with the top guys routine. While I did love the clowns routine, I have to agree with Jason that there wasn’t much dancing in it.

And I think I will scream if we have to watch another all-girls routine (made up of any number) that centers on them being sexy instead of being fantastic dancers. Prancing and flouncing are not dance moves!

Cassandra said on April 9th, 2010 at 4:23 am

I thought the all girls routine was incredibly dull and boring. Didn’t even feel like hip hop – too MTV. The guys routine was flawless.

I didn’t get why the tango was given so much grief by the judges. I may not be an expert on ballroom dancing but I enjoyed watching it and still found it more memorable than some of the other routines (especially the girls dance and the ivy/nick jazz).

I also thought Jessie and Philippe’s war hero was really quite beautiful. It was probably my favourite of the night – all said that might be because I thought Jessie just looked amazing in her dress and the whole thing felt very 1940s.

Happy to say that my favourite 4 made the Top 4! Nick and Jess S got voted out.

Actually the elimination show was really quite worth watching. The performance by the Sydney Dance Company was lovely (my favourite guest performance this season by far). The group performance by Supple just look tiring (I think Carly and Keiran did a better job of his work a few episodes back). But all the solos were excellent!


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