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DistantFred said on June 17th, 2010 at 2:11 am

So, is Alex classifiable as a ringer, or what?


Thoughts in no particular order:

-Alex definitely had the routine of the night, but that’s not exactly a surprise. If he doesn’t dominate the competition I will be shocked.

-Tony and Melanie learned how to choreograph again! Melinda’s foot placement was a little sloppy from time to time and Kent’s upper body was loose, but the routines were still enjoyable to watch.

-I cannot say the same about Nappytabs, who had one average and literal routine and one boring and lame one. Even Twitch couldn’t do much with the Mraz routine, and he’s gotten even better since his season. Alexie got shafted there.

-Sean Cheeseman continues to be excellent.

-Adechike was clearly cast as cannon fodder, and they seem to be dumping him early. That was a good routine, although I do see what they mean by emotionally lacking; it was a bit distant.

-I think the judges might dump Melinda. She doesn’t strike me as being as strong as Bianca was in S6, and the show had no problem booting *her* when she threatened one of their contemporary babies. Alexie does seem to be one of the stronger girls, and I think they’ll want her to stick around. I also think she’ll do better with real choreography.

-Jose is not as good as Legacy.


I love Alex Wong very, very much. He is so beautiful on the stage. I hope he becomes a superstar.


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