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Gemma Files said on July 29th, 2010 at 8:36 am

Can’t really disagree with you on anything here. What sets Tyce’s Broadway apart from Spencer Liff’s (in a bad way) for me is the absolute lack of intention–it’s a storytelling style, supposedly, and I can never get just what damn story he’s trying to tell. This week’s was no exception, though he at least does seem to have finally figured out: “Oh wait, even girrrrlz like Alison and Lauren can probably do back-flips and such, though of course not as well as BOYS do.”


I thought Lauren’s dehydration actually became apparent about halfway through her broadway number. Glad to see her already out of the hospital and ready to do a solo last night. I do like her, but I thought she got some of the less memorable dances of the season last night (that broadway number — ugh), so coupled with being dehydrated, it’s no wonder she was in the bottom.

I kinda feel badly for Billy, though, ’cause it was his best night yet. His Stacey Tookie number with Ade was as good as any dancing I’ve seen on this show. It really should have been either Adechike or Robert who went home instead of him. I so much appreciate Billy for breaking from contemporary dogma and doing solos to music other than Sarah McLaughlin or Maxwell.

It’s funny that Mia keeps harping on Kent for pulling his face, but around my house the one with the nickname “Smiley” is Robert. Speaking of, what was up with Robert’s cheesy shock-face at being safe? That boy need to turn down the melodrama dial about 6 notches.

On a lighter note, although the wildly popular contemporary sub-genre named “Cancer Dance” was absent, its lesser-known distant cousin, “Called to Active Duty,” made sure the contempoary dance gods will be somewhat placated for at least one more week.

(BTW, did anyone else, upon seeing Thursday’s group number was a table-and-chair dace set to an old Police song, assume it was from Mandy Moore and not Mia? Quite lovely, that dance was, regardless of who choreoed it.)


Actually Kathryn wasn’t excluded from the finals of her season she finished third behind Jacob and Russell… but I thought she certainly could have won that season, but a lot of talented female dancers get underrated (yes I’m still bitter Kayla isn’t an All-Star).

I think the problem with Billy is that so few dancers are in his league, that he has a problem connecting with his fellow dancers. His best routines this season (including Rich Man / Poor Man) all had large portions where Billy was essentially doing a solo.

It seems obvious that Kent will win, he’s just too popular not to, but there’s definitely going to be an asterisk since both Lauren and Ashley got hurt.


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