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I strongly suspect Lauren has a fair amount of hip hop training. I’ve felt that way for a while, and when they let her shout out to her “mentor” I got a little more certain. Yeah, for all I know he’s an experienced contemporary dancer, but she’s also mentioned hip hop training, and it’d go with the pop/jazz that’s really her native style.


The only dance I found truly compelling to watch was Robert and Lauren’s pillow dance. It made me wish we’d had the chance to see more dancing by the competitors with each other. but then Kathryn was so awesome in the “Cool” number, and it showcase Robert really well–More Spencer Liff, please!
Why, oh why did they give Tyce the opportunity to screw up Mark and Robert’s chance to dance together? what a crap routine. Crap crap crap. He turns everything to crap.
Almost as bad as Mandy Moore’s, but I didn’t care about hers because I don’t care about Kent and Lauren, even if they are good dancers. I thought Kent was dumb for mouthing off at the judges even after Adam told them to get off the stage while the getting was good, BUT the twitter comments showed that the fans were glad he spoke up for himself. that and the tears at the end may clinch it for him. When Benji did it, it was mugging; with Kent it seems to be an uncontrollable facial tic, and he needs to grow the hell up already.
Pasha and Allison were great, I hardly saw their partners, but I did rewatch the cha cha, and Lauren did quite well for a non-ballroom dancer, although she understandably can’t do the actual partnering well because she is dancing in place rather than with Pasha. But he’s such a freakin’ pro, he covered for her really well.
The last routine wasn’t danced well because neither dancer had an idea of the basic upright posture they needed to hold for that kind of tang and they kept sticking their butts out. Oh, well, They all danced four routines and a solo, and most of the time, the let-down was from the choreo, not their efforts.
I just muted the judges, they were so offensively scripted. Yet, despite my crabbiness, the dancers’ joy sparked my love for the silly show again, and I actually voted for Robert.


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