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[…] I got emails and comments in large numbers asking me for my take on this. God knows why. I mean,http://mightygodking.com/index.php/2008/06/02/mgk-versus-wizards-top-200-comics-characters-of-all-ti…Aimee Mann shines at House of Blues Fort Worth Star-TelegramBy PRESTON jones DALLAS ?? It??s […]


Honestly, if Wizard made a list of the 100 greatest films of all time, it’d be topped by whatever the favorite fanboy movie of the past month is.


“You presume I have no creed? My creed is Luthor.” Hmmm… Lexy ,Doom called he sues you for copyright
For wonder woman you forgot messner-loebs & phil jimenez ,he was far better than rucka (not bad until countdown to inf)
F”””” comics kitty pryde ,the evolution one was better,and Jubilee is a far better character
for the joker just look at the right direction my friend like
Detective Comics #726 (October 1998): “Fool’s Errand”
Detective Comics #826 “Slayride” Batman: Legends of the Dark Knight #65 – #68 (1994): “Going Sane” Batman: Legends of the Dark Knight #142 – #145 (2001): “The Demon Laughs” Batman: Legends of the Dark Knight #162 – #163 ( 2003): “Auteurism” Robin II #1 – #4 (1991): “The Joker’s Wild”Impulse #50 (July 1999): “First Fool’s”
Batman: It’s Joker Time! #1 – #3 (2000) (how could people miss this one is beyond me)
Joker: Devil’s Advocate (1997) and yes no disrespect to lexy (srsly i love supes & his rogues gallery dont get me wrong) but when well written …Mr JAY ALL THE WAY,BAYBAY!!
and Last time wolvie was interesting was when written by Rucka (srsly check out the entire run it’s how logan should act and Rucka’s Sabretooth is the definitive take on victor creed)
as for marv…yeah i like him but top 200?come on that’s pushing it!(hartigan was far more memorable
Magneto? dude his last good story as a villain was fatal attractions, Apocalypse, mr Sinister(srsly fuck Sublime,this is the real evil geneticist ,accepts no substitute bitch) are far more imaginative villains and whom simple philosophies can be interpretated in a thousand different ways
it’s just up to the imagination of the goddamn writers to make that work dammit.


Does this list have any merit. Everybody knows who number should’ve been number 1? I think somebody’s child at wizard said, “oh my daddy that man with hair on his face has claws, he is so cool”. Hell one of the spots went to ultimate doctor octopus, you need to by how much the character did for or how they changed comic books forever. Another thing that is just ridiculous is how low Wonder Woman is she set the stage for women super heroes, I know she’s not the first but she set that era up. They might as well have put the NFL Super Pro on this list.


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