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Jeff R. said on May 22nd, 2012 at 3:02 pm

I don’t see the need for a Justice League movie, or the ability to support it now. My plan would be to go a completely different direction, and do a Legion of Super-Heroes movie first (Superman/boy/girl optional, depending on the state of the origin after the reboot.) Just to get your superhero-team-film skills down.

As for building to the JL, do it one at a time. First, a World’s Finest movie. Then a Trinity one. Then you can start thinking about Justice Leagues.

And stay as far away from Darkseid as humanly possible. Slot Starro into the origin story instead. (Or Despero. Or Amazo, or even Prof. Ivo. Darkseid can’t possibly be a classic JLA villain; he lacks that all-important last letter…)


the Power Ring is, I think, just too out there

I think that Green Lantern and the Power Ring would be among the easiest parts of the JLA to create on screen (the other is Wonder Woman, who can be portrayed like Thor with a lasso instead of a hammer). The problem with the Ryan Reynolds movie wasn’t that the effects looked bad (although the costume did) or that he powers are inherently unwieldy, but that the writing was terrible.

The main think is to decide on a limit to the size or amount of stuff his ring can easily make (with a bonus — bigger, stronger stuff if he has the opportunity to really concentrate), treat it mostly like real stuff (as in the training duel with Kilowog), and stick to it. A power-ring truck can smash (or be smashed by) enemies that can be smashed by (or smash) a real truck.

Strawhair said on May 23rd, 2012 at 12:05 am

@The Unstoppable Gravy Express,
I like the idea of reducing the Flash’s power to fast reflexes, but I wouldn’t be absolute about it. Lightning speed could work in the movies if it was costly enough so that he only used it in life-or-death situations. Sort of like the Reeve Superman making the Earth spin backwards.

Of course you wouldn’t have to do much to Hawkman, in terms of bringing his powers down. He’s basically just a buff, flying dickhead with a mace.

Brian T. said on May 23rd, 2012 at 3:53 am

They tried doing a powered down JLA in the early episodes of the Justice League cartoon (they even used the idea of Green Lantern rings being limited mostly to force blasts and the occasional force field bubble).

I found that really frustrating because it was like, “Why is Superman having such a hard time if Hawkgirl can defeat those dudes with her stupid electrical mace?”

Most of the “Big Guns” are ridiculously overpowered (to the point where stories should never have lasted longer than two issues because five of the seven had physics-defying superspeed powers). But depowering them to the point where having Aquaman around doesn’t seem kind of silly doesn’t feel like a good answer to me.

Brian T. said on May 23rd, 2012 at 3:58 am

Also… I think a JLA movie would just make people agree with me that the team doesn’t need Batman as much as Grant Morrison wanted people to think they do.

I could totally see Batman being the Black Widow of this team because, seriously, why do you need a moody guy who is good at ninjutsu when you’ve got Superman and two people who have most of the same powers right there? That whole “he’s good at everything and he comes up with better plans” thing would be sort of hard to sell in a movie with a lot of other characters who need screen time.

The Unstoppable Gravy Express said on May 23rd, 2012 at 9:01 am

@Urthman — true, when I said the Power Ring was too “out there”, I was thinking narratively… showing it isn’t the problem, I agree.

I like the idea of creating larger things requires more effort. And I think there should be a “no-moving-parts” rule (kind of like the T1000) as well. When Reynolds created that machine-cannon or whatever it’s called, and I was thinking “so is his Will creating all those individual shell casings that are flying off?”

I would think Batman would be more the Nick Fury of the team, providing resources & intel. And if you trick him out with enough gadgets he almost becomes the Iron Man. Besides, there’s always enough space in a movie for someone to say “okay everyone, here’s the plan” and then outline a wicked awesome plan.

The problem becomes more one of mood. Movie Batman works best as dark, grim, gritty, all that jazz. The whole rest of the JL is pretty upbeat. Do you “pep up” Batman, or drag the whole JL down to his gritty grim moody grimness?

Urthman said on May 23rd, 2012 at 2:11 pm

I liked the later Justice League cartoons where Hawkgirl’s weapon is more like a magic mace made of uNTHobtainium. Except then the problem becomes, “In a critical situation like this, why doesn’t she hand the mace to Superman, who in the time it takes Hawkgirl to swing and miss can hit the bad guy a thousand times, each strike hitting a thousand times harder?”

I like the idea of reducing the Flash’s power to fast reflexes

Say more about how that fixes the problem because I’m not seeing it. What does he do with those fast reflexes?


Reducing powers, like Flash just has fast reflexes, just pisses off the fans, and makes things feel like the Corman FF movie where they didn’t have the budget for Johnny to flame on more than once.

I think I’m in the start with a JL movie camp.

For the most part, the JL members are easy enough to explain in concept.

Use Flash, who’s actually the most complicated, as the POV character.

Everyone who would see the movie knows who Superman and Batman and Wonder Woman is.

Green Lantern just had a movie, so even going with John (and you should go with John) is simple with a “there’s several of us” type line to get people over the Hal Hump.

Aquaman is summed up by “King of Atlantis” and you just into him being PADesque bad ass.

And you have J’onn sort of mysterious and backgroundy, possibly setting things up.

Villain is the tough bit, because DC doesn’t have much really that aren’t just too goofy. Vandal Savage with a host of others might not be a bad choice for the reason that he’s not Darkseid or Lex. Maybe go with Priest’s thing that Savage and J’onn are big enemies

Marionette said on May 26th, 2012 at 6:28 am

Why not just forget the main DC cast and go straight to a New Gods movie? Based on the original series rather than any of the later added crap.

Brian T. said on May 31st, 2012 at 4:01 am

@Marionette: I finally got around to reading some actual Kirby New Gods stuff, and I personally would prefer that over a JLA movie.

Some of the concepts might not work as well for today’s jaded audiences (the kid from the Forever People who dressed like a cowboy, for example or the token Black guy from that group being called “the Black”), but still… I think you’re on to something there.

They might need some costume changes to appeal to a general audience, but I think some version of the New Gods could work.

Or at any rate, I’d rather watch a movie about alien hippies with really awesome PDAs than a movie featuring a bunch of Silver Age characters I have a hard time willfully suspending disbelief for.

Just for example, the Martian Manhunter makes no sense if you think about him for five minutes. Except maybe if you go with that “he’s really from the distant past” retcon they tried out for a little while. We have some idea of what Mars is like, and so far we haven’t found any telepathic shapeshifters who have Superman-type powers.

Or… How about the Wolfman/Perez Teen Titans? Kid Flash would be the only one really in the “too powerful” category

The Unstoppable Gravy Express said on May 31st, 2012 at 8:52 am

“alien hippies with really awesome PDAs”… Public Displays of Affection, or Personal Data Assistants?

Either sounds good really. 🙂


Right to clear all this up, I have written an adaption to a JL movie. And to clarify other thing 1. Jeff Robinov even stated a JL film is in the works. 2. JL Origin will basically be based in flashback with the exception of Aquaman. 3 He also stated days after Avengers will be released between 2013 – 2015. For obvious reasons I can’t tell the majority of my script because it could get made who knows.

I am from Ireland and basically this is an open project anyone is applausably canaidate to pencil this movie.

This movie is basically Ailens invading, this is what WB are going for. They are going for a kick ass film what must be 2 – 3 hrs long so yeah. I penciled a 178 page script roughly 2hrs 45 mins.

But they also stated with people writing this that Batman and Superman cant take all the glory. Aquaman is to take control of situations and knock around Superman or Batman a few times. Batman can’t be thhe major part of this as a ailen with powers. GET REAL! Batman die he and another character without powers will be kinda the guys on the ground killing ailens.

Jeff Robinov stated. Its about profit 2.2 billion people were not all comic book fans they are movie goers. They wanted to see a story roughly 8% of the people who went to Avengers were comic book fans. It made no difference. Thats most writers angle, Aquaman. Let him take control, spin him off
think of him like, THOR! Just throw in your Iron Man base leadership skills, and think “Hey these people are just like us” use that as your base. If Aquaman acts like a leader badass, this will give you comic book nerds the chance to reboot him with a similar origin to the film as i said 91% of the people who saw Avengers knew nothing much about marvel story arcs. I read up on a few comics after taking this roll used wiki’s. Used my base. Afterwards 6 months later I wrote a script which would be able to triumph
anyway, Marvel have newer Origin’s for most people scrap origin from comic, comics have
room to do it over the course of a book.

Now Wonder Woman. Off the top of my head, I aint really similar with her and she sickened me to write in, needless I am certain between us writers it shall be all collaberated into one awesome script, so your expecting 1-4 writers credited. Now Wonder Woman. Make her origin after JL years before hand. Make her and her five sisters training with their mothers, give them a team name. So like Ra a Ghul and the league of shadows a tradige happens like all of them die but her she is exiled to another planet, like start of Thor she must find her way home, after defeating the villian she returns home to live life on Themyscira, sworen to protect it, like Batman.

Perfect Cast:
Before we begin note Zack Synder and Christopher Nolan stated when we were contracted for this movie don’t write it for Christian Bale and Henry Cavil.
Superman – Adam Brody/ D.J Contrana/ Armie Hammer Need a nameless actor hey even Liam Hemsworth Chris “Thor” Hemsworth’s younger Brother be perfect for the role.
Batman – Mattew Fassbender
I am a movie geek great actor, even in Ingorlouis Bast***ds
Green Lantern – Shia La Beouf
Make him any Green Lantern doesnt matter.
Martian ManHunter – Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson
His acting is amazing, he would be a dominate force.
The Flash – Chris Pine
This is a young version of Flash grow into the role
Wonder Woman – Megan Fox
Good actor, guys would just go to the threate to see her.
Aquaman – Sam Worthington
Long blonde hair, beard he is the leader he is basically THOR!
Namesless Character – Brad Pitt
He will be like Batman powerless turning it turn superhero also need a beard and long hair.


Guys, Multiverses is one of DC comics’ special route for Crisis storylines. It would complement their comics if they do a Multiverse in films. That would a make a bigger epic story than Marvel’s shared universe films.


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