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What are you talking about, if I keep adding these two wrongs together they might eventually make a right.

Referring to homosexuals as privileged and needing or deserving of having the “tables turned” on them is pretty fucking ~*~problematic~*~. Also, I have seen that exact same “it wasn’t written for (x audience), therefore your criticism is invalid” response used many times to try and deflect feminist critiques of comics. It was a poor argument there too.

Travesty said on June 1st, 2012 at 9:51 am

@ladypepton-I’m not here to argue that the fetishization of women in comic books was in any way okay, and if it came across that I was singling out one particular category of disrespectful and dehumanizing behavior while blithely ignoring others, believe me when I say that this is not the case.

But as another woman who reads comics and has since she was little (my father read my brother and I ‘Classic X-Men’ as bed-time stories when I was four: the first story I can say I remember is the Phoenix Saga) I like to aim for a platform of mutual respect rather than, say, gloating about dehumanizing other people because it had been done to me previously. Even if I apparently haven’t gone through it as long as you have.

Chris K said on June 1st, 2012 at 4:24 pm

“Why do so many men here find it hard to understand the difference between, “I don’t like that you are making my two heroes bone! Stop it!” and “Huh. I think that these two other heroes would be more likely to bone, but go ahead and enjoy fandom any way you like?””

Why do you believe men here find it hard to understand the difference between those two things? I propose instead that some men appreciate that difference, and yet find the latter inappropriate in this context.

Especially when the latter is phrased as “Cap and Iron Man’s arguing actually masks a much deeper and more fundamental dislike that the two have for each other based on the fact that Iron Man really is a dangerous control freak whose actions, while well-meaning, betray the fact that he actually is so elitist that he thinks that he should be allowed to run other people’s lives, and Cap finds that morally abhorrent.” Yeah, that’s totally saying “sure, they’d fuck, but not as much as Cap and Hawkeye.”


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