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cloudface von ruckus said on July 29th, 2012 at 1:22 pm

I just posted this as a response to someone sharing a “Tumblr quote” on Facebook..the quote was
“It’s time, in short, to stop assuming that the comics have narrative primacy, simply because they’ve been around longer. Right now, if you asked the average person on the street who the Avengers were, they’d tell you about the movie. We assume the comics are canon and the movies deviate from that canon because that’s how we’ve been following them, but let’s face facts. In terms of monetary success, public recognition, and number of fans, the Avengers are a series of movies that happens to have a lousy and inaccurate spin-off comic where Nick Fury is a white guy.”

…the argument irked me so I did some Google sleuthing to try and describe why…I wrote a bunch of crap and posted it but Facebook readers have the attention spans of drunken gnats…I think reading other comments here other people have said parts of what I wrote better and the thread seems dead but I thought I’d copypasta it here just in case some bored person reads it and at least can go “mmmm..yeah, kinda, maybe but you’re full of shit”..


Overtly reductive and a fallacy of division…the article and quote..

Re the quote: “Argumentum ad populum”..The vox populli believe that roosters crow because the sun comes up-basing a propositon on finanical achievemnets, message spread, and equivocation of the term “fan” or rather the false assumption that someone that’s seen the Avengers movies is classifiable as a bona fide fan of a populust iteration in no way achieves a valid point.

A person who has a strong interest in or admiration for a particular sport, art or entertainment form, or famous person.

“Stong interest” is the key term above-sitting down in front of a movie screen is in no way comparable to sourcing a comic and reading it the whole way through. Someone who’s a fan of a certain sporting team is not someone that’s gone to watch the team at one or two games. People that refer to “that guy with the arrows” and “Scarlet Johansen’s character” aren’t fans.

He also affirms the consequent by claiming number of fans of the movie based on ticket sales. I’ve been somewhat of an Avengers fan-if watching a movie once as per this argument classifies you as a “fan”, then more than a fan-for over 15 years and I’ve never bought an Avengers comic once in that time. I also watched a pirated copy of The Avengers movie rather than see it at the cinema, which most likely a large number of people also did, if we enjoyed the movie we aren’t counted as quantifiable fans in this scenaario either. My appreciation for a memeplex is based on my continued purchase of it? Really? I can’t be strongly interested in something unless I pay money for it? Thank God for hookers then..

The article falsifies the executive premise, is “Ignoratio elenchi” and the conclusion is a thought terminating cliche.

Yeah, I did Wiki “list of fallacious arguments”-that was to try and use the right terms to describe what was annoying me…I was inspired to bother writting a comment based on the sloppy use of an adjunct at the beggining..”So last week,” is just improper syntax based on Internet jargon, “So, last week” makes it more transitional at least….
Perhaps I could just delete the above and respond with “I don’t agree” but I bothered looking it up and writing it down so might as well post…all I know for sure is if they ever get that Cerebus the Aardvark movie finished/released and it becomes popular I will seriously have to choke out any person that says the movie is better than the comic…(I’m in no way being exagerated here-seriously if you say the movie is better I will find you choke you out and then pee on your pants)..


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