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I have to say that I find nothing endearing about the twins. How did they not get in trouble or have any consequences for ripping off the rockers? None at all!

/way into Amazing Race


I guess that if money drops out of your pocket, and you don’t notice it, that dough is fair game. Personally, I don’t understand the demonizing of Natalie & Nadiya. They play the game hard, they’re bubbly, they don’t manage to rip each other’s heads off, and — most importantly — Ryan hates their guts. BTW, between the Twinees and the Chippendales pulling off the U-Turn (with an assist from Trey & Lexi), Ryan’s gonna be a snot at the finish line.

And yeah . . . totally thought along the lines of MGK’s title for this post. Only in Canada? That ain’t The Amazing Race . . . that’s Road Rules: Northern Trails, minus the trips into the U.S. Great season, but TAR has to be all about the global, y’know?


Just imagine if Abba had dropped his glasses instead of a wad of cash.

“Natalie, look what I found!”

“Ssh! Ssh! Shut up!”

“Let’s split the glasses in half, guys, share the guilt!”


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