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I gleefully disagree with you about Dr. Strangelove, I think that the overall dread balances out the put-on wackiness. And it’s to this day standard issue at military academies as a display of what happens when a military goes wrong. I don’t think you should let pundits and hacks decide which movies are good or not for you.

Lister Sage said on February 2nd, 2009 at 4:59 pm

I’m with MGK on this one (though he didn’t phrase it this way): Dr. Strangelove sucks. It’s not funny. The ex-Nazi scientist gets a few good gags, but that’s it. The fact that the military uses it as a “this is an example of a bad military” still doesn’t mean it’s funny. Cobra wasn’t an effective military group either, but I bet they don’t show G.I. Joe episodes at West Point.

I also agree that The Fifth Element is remarkably good despite what should be a ridiculous premise. If for no other reason then Chris Tucker plays an annoying character, but, for me at least, is actually amusing instead of annoying. I think it’s because unlike his other movies he an ineffective character who is trying to play hero, instead of a douchebag who we’re told is the hero.


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